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A safe place for you to talk
& feel understood

Hello! I'm Nicole an OT and a life coach. We've all got a story, we've all got goals and we've all got obstacles. In order to work through the many facets of life it is important to have a safe place to talk. So let me start by sharing a part of my story. I've been fused at 40 (after life long scoliosis).


Yet, I'm yearning for a greater life purpose.


  CLC, OTR/L  

 Life Coaching became a reflection of the transition-filled life I've lived, my 21 years of experience as an Occupational Therapist, my unique gifts and talents, and my genuine desire to help others move in the direction of positive change and finding life purpose.

We begin with self-exploration to help provide greater clarity for who you are, and what you want. Then, we will explore the path to get toward your desired change. Together, we will uncover your life purpose, find a career you love, handle transitions and find more meaningful relationships.


With a safe place for you to talk and feel understood, I'll ask the powerful questions, help to inspire you to create possibilities, look at what might be holding you back and explore options. Once your path becomes clear, we'll make a plan to get there: as your friend, your cheerleader, and your coach who is invested in you!

Into every client relationship, I bring my professional OT experience, as well as personal life experience where I know the value in feeling heard and the value of making small steps in the direction of the change you want.

Change begins with intense self-exploration to help provide clarity of our needs



Additional Topics: 
Discovery, Life Purpose, Active Listening, People affected by Type One Diabetes, People affected by Scoliosis, Occupational Therapy, Relationships, Handling/Practicing Difficult Conversations, Sexual-Wellness, Parenting, Co-parenting 

Not sure where to start?
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